I Am Not Alone tells the inspiring story of Eric Jurado-Diaz, a 56-year old man grappling with how to live fully after a diagnosis of ALS (often known as Lou Gehrig's Disease). This 10-15 minute documentary short is an intimate view into Eric's journey and reflections on growing up in gay in Puerto Rico, coming out in the army, becoming a drag superstar and maturing into domestic life with a husband and three adopted sons. The devastating diagnosis of ALS and its impending loss of physical mobility will be the greatest challenge of his life. Eric navigates the denial of close friends, the blossoming of new relationships, the growing acceptance of his family and his own journey of loss and acceptance. His resilience, hope and sense of humor show us it is possible to find joy and engage with happiness even in the darkest moments of our lives.

As of June 2019 the film is at rough cut stage. We are currently raising funds for completion and distribution. We intend to apply and exhibit the film at major film festivals across the country and partner with non-profits who want to benefit from using the film as a conversation-starter in events in their own communities.

To help us in our efforts or inquire about screening opportunities or request a preview of the film for booking purposes, please contact us HERE, or click the button below to support the project financially.